Now is the winter of our discontent...
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)


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Going green, saving money, keeping fit - some of the reasons why I bought a new bike on the 26th of June 2008.

It's not primarily a fitness thing (I run regularly for that) so I was looking for practicality rather than performance. With limited storage space, I opted for a folding bike from Dahon. Take a look at my 'Dave on Dahon' blog for more information.


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Gone are the days of developing my own black and white film and prints; the 35mm cameras haven't been out for many years.

I've been taking a lot more photos over the past year or so so I have now purchased a fantastic Canon G11 camera. It's replaced my Canon Ixus 40 which I've been using for five years and it's a far better device. I'm keeping the Ixus 40 though as it's much smaller than the G11 (and cheaper) so there may be times when it'll be a better choice.

I bought a Gigapan Epic in November 2009 so I'm hoping to get some great panoramic shots (when the weather is nice!) - check my shots out over on

I post my best (better?) shots to Flickr - some photos can be seen on the left here.



Having been out of the XBox scene for a few years, I finally bought an XBox360. It's nice to be back! The old battle team will once more be online.

There have been many hours of 'non-blinking' entertainment ahead. Find me on XBox Live via my gamertag DSQUK.

I was DSQ when I was first online with the XBox but I couldn't recover that tag and it may have been released and taken by someone else.