Now is the winter of our discontent...
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)


Hobbies & Stuff


Some of my favourite or most useful/visted sites are listed here to help 'spread the word'. Those preceded with a white * are new, added when the page was last updated (see bottom right of page).

ACDSystems - Photo software
Animated Knots - Learn how to tie things up
Answer Bank - Get questions answered
Apple - iPods, iMacs etc.
BBC News - Umm, news, err, from the BBC
*BlackRapid - Camera straps
BlueUnplugged - Bluetooth kit
BuySpares - spares for home appliances
Canon - Cameras
Calendar Labs - print calendars from your PC
Civilian Lab - Useful kit
CTC - Cyclist organisation
Cult Pens - for all your writing needs
Dahon - Folding bikes
Digiguide - Useful TV Guide software
Fenix - Flashlights
Firebox - Cool gadgets

Garmin - GPS receivers
Gigapan - Photography robot
*Giottos - Premium tripods
Gizmodo - Gadget blog
Gordy Camera Straps - Hand-made straps
Heinnie - Outdoor kit
iTunes - My primary music source
JustGiving - Raise money for charity
LoveFilm - online DVD rental
Maxpedition - outdoor bags and kit
MetCheck - Weather information
Moo - Print your photos
OakCubed - Hand-made oak products
Onelook - Lots of words
Panik - Cool stuff for your house
PGP - Encryption software
Photobox - Online photo printing service

PowerPax - Battery caddies
SketchUp - 3D modeling software from Google
Skype - IP Telephony - Check your 'net speed
Surefire - Flashlights
The Register - Tech news
ThinkGeek - More cool gadgets - World times and more
Treehugger - Environment Blog
Uncrate - Gadgets and stuff
Unplggd - More tech and gadgets
VisitWales - If you've never been, then go!
WRU - Welsh Rugby Union

Bad Sites
Sites I do not recommend:
Expansys (January 2010) - had some poor customer service issues over the past 6 months, on a number of orders (delayed/non-delivered items, poor communication...). Shame, as I've bought via them for 10 years+.
Tredz (January 2010) - Swansea-based cycle store - some poor customer service issues across a number of orders (wrong items, delayed communications, delayed despatch of 'in stock' items...)
TrexMad (May 2010) - poor communication and stock management.