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Spurcycle Bell – Ringing in the change

© Spurcycle

The factory-fitted bell on the Brompton is convenient but pretty pathetic in terms of useability and volume. As I cycled along recently, I suddenly remembered that I had backed the creation of the original Spurcycle bell on Kickstarter back in 2013 – I needed to find that bell and ‘transplant’ it onto the Brompton.

So, up into the attic I ventured to find my Trek mountain bike which had been ‘archived’ a few years ago. There it was, the Spurcycle bell, still firmly mounted to the Trek’s handlebar.

Original Factory-Fitted Bell

Correct Allen-key located and bell removed, a quick inspection showed minor pitting on the bell’s black coating and degradation of the rubber mount/grommet – not bad for a bell that’s approaching a ten years old and hasn’t been treated to any maintenance.

Now, a new Spurcycle bell is £50 so I was a little disappointed to think I’d need to buy a new one… but Spurcycle sells spare parts for this little beauty! Fantastic!

I ordered my parts from MTB Riders, here in the UK – all required bits in-stock, including those for the original V1 design; delivered quickly too.

Now the Spurcycle is fitted to the Brompton so people of Kent be warned! The bell is significantly louder than the factory-fitted bell and operation is more assured and definite. The bell can be fitted in either the vertical or horizontal orientation and doesn’t affect gear-shifter operation.

Spurcycle Bell – fitted to the Brompton
Spurcycle – looking down; no conflict with the gear-shift

Coffee knowledge

I found the fantastic, informative and instructional videos of James Hoffmann recently whilst looking for information on one of my main vices (coffee).

Brilliant videos which keep you watching, listening and learning. I, like quite a few fellow watchers, after watching quite a few of his videos only then stumbled across the video (below) of James winning the World Barista Championship in 2007… puts things into context.

World Barista Championship 2007

EZClamp – for Brompton

Of all the accessories and toys we’re tempted to buy for our Bromptons, this is one of the few which falls into the low-cost bracket – but is really well-thought-out and useful.


It’s the EZClamp: a small plastic widget which holds the clamp plates on the Brompton in alignment with the frame. Simple idea, well executed.

Only costs £3.95 each (you’ll need two) and they’re delivered quickly.

I discovered them via the ‘6 Brompton Accessories‘ video from Everyday Cycling.

What and Why?

I registered this domain back in late 1999 along with the .com version; the latter I sold on but I kept the .co.uk as my place on the Web.

Since then, it’s had a few interations but primarily just acted as my ‘homepage’, which was how it used to be before Facebook, TicTok and their kin. It ended up being pretty static and eventually dormant with a few links I kept for some of my favourite or ‘recommended’ places.

June 2022: I switched the static site into a WordPress site and we’ll see where this takes us.

I often thought, whilst trying to solve a problem or searching Google for an answer, that it would be nice to share my findings in case others were searching for the same thing or solution… so that’s (probably) what this new iteration of the site will do…

Hello world!

An obligatory ‘hello world’ post just to get things started.  Let’s see where this goes.

Hmm, is it me or is WordPress a lot more complicated that it used to be? I just want a simple/traditional/legacy layout but I’m struggling. Years ago, all these ‘themes’ didn’t exist.

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