Month: July 2022

Coaltown Coffee

So, this gang of rascals takes significant amounts of cash from my bank account every year… drip, drip, drip, like coffee falling through the Chemex filter… money regularly leaves my account and heads West towards Ammanford.

On the plus side, I get to enjoy a cracking cup of coffee whenever I like! Amazing.

I’ve been buying the Black Gold blend for years and have enjoyed every cup – as the ‘blurb’ states, it’s seasonal but throughout the years it has remained a constant in my grinder.

Coaltown’s primary blends – ©Coaltown Coffee

Over the past twelve months or so, I’ve been trying other blends for use in my filter and stove-top coffee makers. Candle Light is my favour for the Moka Pot and it’s this blend which also has a home in the car and on holiday.

Visit the Coaltown Coffee website, get a £5 voucher via the link below, and experience some exceptional coffee.

Click here to get £5 off your first order!
(Disclaimer: I also get a voucher if you do buy via this link – so thanks in advance if you do!)

Coaltown’s Black Gold – ©Coaltown Coffee

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