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Spurcycle Bell – Ringing in the change

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The factory-fitted bell on the Brompton is convenient but pretty pathetic in terms of useability and volume. As I cycled along recently, I suddenly remembered that I had backed the creation of the original Spurcycle bell on Kickstarter back in 2013 – I needed to find that bell and ‘transplant’ it onto the Brompton.

So, up into the attic I ventured to find my Trek mountain bike which had been ‘archived’ a few years ago. There it was, the Spurcycle bell, still firmly mounted to the Trek’s handlebar.

Original Factory-Fitted Bell

Correct Allen-key located and bell removed, a quick inspection showed minor pitting on the bell’s black coating and degradation of the rubber mount/grommet – not bad for a bell that’s approaching a ten years old and hasn’t been treated to any maintenance.

Now, a new Spurcycle bell is £50 so I was a little disappointed to think I’d need to buy a new one… but Spurcycle sells spare parts for this little beauty! Fantastic!

I ordered my parts from MTB Riders, here in the UK – all required bits in-stock, including those for the original V1 design; delivered quickly too.

Now the Spurcycle is fitted to the Brompton so people of Kent be warned! The bell is significantly louder than the factory-fitted bell and operation is more assured and definite. The bell can be fitted in either the vertical or horizontal orientation and doesn’t affect gear-shifter operation.

Spurcycle Bell – fitted to the Brompton
Spurcycle – looking down; no conflict with the gear-shift

EZClamp – for Brompton

Of all the accessories and toys we’re tempted to buy for our Bromptons, this is one of the few which falls into the low-cost bracket – but is really well-thought-out and useful.


It’s the EZClamp: a small plastic widget which holds the clamp plates on the Brompton in alignment with the frame. Simple idea, well executed.

Only costs £3.95 each (you’ll need two) and they’re delivered quickly.

I discovered them via the ‘6 Brompton Accessories‘ video from Everyday Cycling.

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