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Coffee knowledge

I found the fantastic, informative and instructional videos of James Hoffmann recently whilst looking for information on one of my main vices (coffee).

Brilliant videos which keep you watching, listening and learning. I, like quite a few fellow watchers, after watching quite a few of his videos only then stumbled across the video (below) of James winning the World Barista Championship in 2007… puts things into context.

World Barista Championship 2007

EZClamp – for Brompton

Of all the accessories and toys we’re tempted to buy for our Bromptons, this is one of the few which falls into the low-cost bracket – but is really well-thought-out and useful.


It’s the EZClamp: a small plastic widget which holds the clamp plates on the Brompton in alignment with the frame. Simple idea, well executed.

Only costs £3.95 each (you’ll need two) and they’re delivered quickly.

I discovered them via the ‘6 Brompton Accessories‘ video from Everyday Cycling.

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